Asian Wedding Ceremony Rituals

There’s a lot of tradition lurking behind Asian weddings. In the red coloration of love and luck for the lion dancers that fend off evil state of mind, there is no shortage of activities to keep your friends entertained.

Traditionally, Oriental couples could arrange the wedding date according to the tung shing (almanac), and select a great auspicious day to make certain a good foreseeable future for their marriage. The couple will also be given a blessing coming from monks and wear two spherical crowns registered with together by white chords, comprising their union.

One more ritual is the san chai baptism, where the groom and his family serve water above each other to cleanse these people of awful karma, or perhaps “feng shui” (a mixture of the five elements of fireplace, earth, metallic, wood, and water). Additionally , the bride’s father might hand out her hand to be seized by the groom’s relatives.

Ahead of the ceremony begins, a miko will give you sake to everyone present. The grooms drinks first, taking three sips, followed by the wedding brides. They will then simply drink the same amount together, toasting with Omedeto gozimasu (“congratulations”).

There are many other rituals that take place during a Shinto marriage, but the primary focus can be on sipping. A miko offers the couple a set of cups and reads an invocation to various kami (nature spirits) – the most typical being Inari, the god of rice. The couple claps the hands 2 times and bows to show esteem. The bride’s father and mother would afterward offer the couple gifts.